Functions at OPH

The OPH is the perfect venue to celebrate any function whether it be a Sundowner, special birthday, reunion, staff meeting or Christmas party - we’ve got the venue and the food and drinks covered!

We’re happy to set aside an area for your group, if it’s an informal gathering that you are arranging, just let us know beforehand and it’ll be available upon your arrival!

If you’re having a bar tab, just let us know what your maximum spend is and which drinks you’d like included on the tab.

Dear Manager & Staff,

Wishing to thank you all for your excellent service for my 80th birthday!

I can only say the food was excellent, service excellent, pleasant and friendly staff.

Mrs Jean D

Function Platter Menu

Please note that as we make most items in house, we require platter orders to be received at least 7 days before the function date to allow us to buy in the raw ingredients that our talented Chefs will transform into tasty delicacies! and to provide you the option of any of the amazing platters on the list.

If you would like to talk to us please call 9349 3311 to discuss your requirements with either Anna or one of our great Duty Managers.

We advise that the minimum quantity which can be ordered is of the platter size. The "$ each" represents additional units of the item.

Download Platter Menu PDF

Platter Served Description $ each $ Per Platter Platter Content
Antipasto Grazing Board cold smoked salmon, thinly sliced grilled cacciatore, leek sausage, hot sopressa salami, fetta cheese, olives, gardinaire, cheddar cheese, grilled capsicum & eggplant with marinated mushrooms & artichokes 180
Asian Persuasion spring rolls, samosas and dim sims served with sweet chilli sauce 60 15 of each
Bacon & Egg Quiches hot a reliable favourite 60 20 units
Battered Fish hot delicious battered king snapper portions served on a bed of chips and tartare sauce 90 1.5kg
Beef Arrancini Balls hot Parmesan risotto balls filled with beef ragu, rolled in bread crumbs and served with aioli 65 20 units
Beef Meat balls cold a delicious blend of herbs and premium beef served with caramelised onion chilli jam 100 40 units
Beef Satay Sticks hot tasty morsels of prime beef marinated in satay herbs and served with a spicy satay dipping sauce 80 20 units
Blue Cheese Apricot Halves cold a creamy blue cheese stuffing served in stewed apricot halves 75 20 units
Bocconcini Sticks cold cherry tomatoes, bocconcini and fresh basil toothpicks 55 20 units
Bruschetta Bites cold toasted ciabiatta bread topped with traditional bruschetta topping of fresh onion, tomato and basil drizzled with a balsamic glaze 50 20 units
Buffalo Chicken Wings hot deliciously hot in every sense 65 2kg
Caramelised Onion tarte tatin warm single serve tarts of puff pastry topped with slowly caramelised onions 60 20 units
Chicken Satay Sticks hot tasty morsels of juicy chicken marinated in satay herbs and served with a spicy satay dipping sauce 75 20 units
Chilli Prawn Twisters hot whole prawns wrapped in wonton wrapper and served with three delicious sauces 70 20 units
Devils on Horseback warm dried prunes filled with Philli cheese and wrapped in bacon crispedon the grill 80 40 units
Duck Liver Pate 'n' Turkish Bread cold a delicious, creamy duck liver pate served with toasted turkish bread encrusted with olive oil and sea salt 60 500gm house made turkish bread
Fresh Oyster Platter cold plump luscious fresh oysters served atop a bed of ice and rock salt, with 3 dressings* MP
Gourmet Cheese Platter cold a selection of 3 cheeses:- blue cheese, brie and Cheddar served with dried fruit, nuts and crackers 100 250g each
Home Made Sausage Rolls hot Puff Pastry filled with either beef, or pork minced meat, and herbs, served with tomato sauce 65 20 units
Jalapeno Heaven (when available) warm whole jalapeno chilli filled with Philli cheese and twice rolled in bread crumbs - a sizzler 60 20 units
Lamb Koftas warm Minced Lamb Koftas served on bamboo skewers with a mint yoghurt dip 75 20 units
Miniature Prawn Cocktails cold prawn flesh enveloped in cocktail sauce & served on a cos lettuce cupr 65 20 units
Mushroom Arrancini Balls hot Garlic butter button mushrooms filled with risotto and encrusted in bread crumbs 65 20 units
OPH Crumbed Chicken Breast Platter hot moist portions of chicken breast, crumbed in Japanese Panko crumbs served with aioli 90 1.5kg
OPH Crumbed White Snapper Platter hot moist portions of White Snapper, crumbed in Japanese Panko crumbs served with tartare sauce 90 1.5kg
Oysters Kilpatrick warm voluptuous oysters drizzled in tangy bbq sauce and topped with crispy bacon served in the half shell MP
Parmesan Arancini hot breadcrumb encrusted risotto served with a garlic aioli 60 20 units
Pecorino & Chilli Croquettes warm pecorino (cheese) & chilli croquettes with lemon & herb aioli, onion chilli compote 55 20 units
Pies & Sausage Rolls hot a combination of petite party pies and sausage rolls served with tomato sauce 65 15 of each
Pizza Platter hot an appetising selection of bite sized pizza flavours 60 3 pizzas
Pork Cevups Skinless sausages served on bamboo skewers drizzled in caramelised onion 70 40 units
Salsa cups cold wonton cups with a filling of ripe avocado and cherry tomato salsa, onion & fresh herbs 55 20 units
Salt 'n' Pepper Squid hot tender morsels of squid simply and exquisitely flavoured with appetising flavours served with a drizzle of garlic aioli 60 1kg
Scallop Spoons warm (served in spoons) grilled scallops with a ginger-soy dressing and fresh shallot sprinkle 65 20 units
Smoked Salmon Twirls cold smoked salmon twirls, atop a bed of dill flavoured creme fraiche atop sweet corn and red onion fritters 65 20 units
Spinach & Cheese Parcels hot crispy filo pastry parcels filled with fresh herbs, spinach, egg, ricotta and fetta cheeses 60 20 units
Tomato Tarts warm bite sized tomato, feta and basil tarts 55 20 units
Vegetable & Bacon Slice cold Zucchini, carrot, sweet corn, bacon, egg & cheese deliciously melded together & oven baked (served deliciously cold) 55 20 units
Vegetable Bites cold three delicious dips served with fresh vegetable crudites 55
Vegetable Quiches hot vegetable filled puff pastry delights 60 20 units
Vegetable Tempurah hot assorted vegetables, in a light tempura coating served with soy sauce dipping sauce 60 1.5 kg of vegies
Vietnamese Prawn Rice Paper Rolls cold juicy cooked prawn flesh combined with crisp julienned vegetables and fresh herbs wrapped in rice paper and served with a tangy soy sauce dipping sauce 70 20 units

Functions Information


Patrons are welcome to telephone and request an area to be set aside for any casual gathering, where individuals will be purchasing their own food and drinks. There are no hire costs involved.


To secure an area exclusively for a particular date, a $200 venue deposit fee is payable.

This is refunded at the time of the payment of the food component.

If the function is cancelled after the payment of the deposit, the deposit is not refunded.

At peak times such as in November and December, the deposit is $500.


A set menu can be designed for your group. Our Functions Manager can organise a menu consisting of our regular menu items or can discuss your preferences with our Head Chef to provide you with a unique menu.

All we require from you is an email detailing your requirements ie advising the date, the number of guests, the reason for the function, the food budget, any dietary restrictions, the number of courses to and our staff will get back to you with the options we can make available to make your function a success.

We recommend you have a look at our web site for information regarding our platters and our extensive regular menu in order to gain a feel for what we do. Our Chefs prepare weekly specials in addition to our regular menu which extend the menu further.

Set menu functions must be paid for and numbers confirmed a week in advance. There is no refund following confirmation of numbers.


If you are keen to have platters circulated for the duration of the function, an additional fee of up to $50 an hour may be applicable for the services of one wait staff.


The OPH prides itself on providing one of the widest selections of cocktail style food of any suburban hotel in Perth, suitable for any gathering.

Platters must be ordered and paid for a week* before the event. This is because we make most items in house and they don't all appear on our regular menu, so we're making them especially for your event.

*At peak times such as November and December, we require platters to be ordered and paid for no later than two weeks before the event.


We do not charge a venue hire fee when an area has been set aside for guests, within The Main, which still allows for the easy flow of other traffic to the bar area.

We do not charge a hire fee for either The Main Garden - whole, west or eastern side.

The Restaurant area is available for hire anytime for a set menu function or for a platter function. On weekends there may be a minimum number of guests required for this area to be made available, however during the week this requirement does not apply.


Events which require the removal or reconfiguration of furniture in an area, accrue a fee of $200.


If, in the view of the Management of the OPH, a private function warrants the presence of security, the hirer shall be responsible for the payment of the security allotted to the function by the OPH for the duration of the function and fifteen minutes before and after the last guest has left the premises.


In hiring The Restaurant area, it is possible to have a DJ or acoustic solo or duo act perform aslong as the performer/s are not overly loud and respond to the OPH Duty Manager's request to maintain sound levels to ensure that neighbouring sections for the hotel are not inconvenienced. The OPH is a live entertainment venue on Friday and Saturday nights in The Main.


As long as you advise us of your intention to bring in a birthday cake prior to the function, we allow you to bring in your own cake without charge.

On this basis, however, we do require you to attend to the service of the cake, including the supply of crockery and cutlery and serviettes.

We do have a great selection of desserts in our cabinet in The Main which are all made in house, if arranging a cake is too much hassle.


You are able to set up a bar tab to be run for a function. All we need is for you advise us of:

  • the drinks you would like included in the bar tab; and
  • the maximum spend.

Our staff will advise you just before you have reached your maximum spend.


Wrist bands are provided to you to dispense to your guests. (We charge the price we pay for these to your account, at present they are .10c each.) We are able to provide different coloured wrist bands if you wish to provide some distinguished guests with a more extensive drinks list.


If you would like photos to display on one of our TV's throughout your function, we are able to insert an SD card, which we require you to supply to us, with JPEGs saved directly on it (ie not in a program such as power point as this won't work on our TV). It adds a really personal touch to an event.

There is no charge for this service.


Last drinks are normally called at 11.40 pm. We are licensed until midnight on most nights.

Extended trading permits can be arranged for particular functions.

The costs involved in applying for such permits are the responsibility of our customer.


Helium balloons can be left with our Duty Manager on the morning of the function if that assists your planning. As can any bon bonier or non-perishables.

If you have a cake for a booked function, we can store it in our cool room for you up to a day before.

Balloons connected to weights are welcome.

You are welcome to display flowers. (Vases must not be glass.)

Please note that we don't accept:

  • balloons being tied to any fixtures;
  • the small shiny table decorations that are cut outs of balloons, number birthday etc and scattered;
  • anything being sticky taped to painted walls.

Any decorations are required to be taken away by the hirer at the conclusion of the function.


We advertise school reunions organised at the OPH on our web site to provide another avenue to get the word out there.


Thank you to the many happy customers who have emailed us, sent cards and letters thanking us for making their function special.

In order to be able to use these testimonials on our web site, we request your approval to use any future testimonials.

Should you not be willing to have your comments included please just advise us on the bottom of any communication you may have with us after the event.


Don't hesitate to request any further information or to call 08 9349 3311 or email us to discuss any requirements that you may have which haven't been covered within this document.


The head chef is brilliant he set up the cake table for me and it looked great..better than I had in mind and being a photographer I thought I was creative!

You are all amazing and I will never stop praising you all every time we talk about the party I will tell everyone about you guys!

There were so many nice comments about how nice the room is and how good it looked and also about the was lovely.

I'm sure all my friends will keep the OPH as their first choice if they ever have a function.

Take care and I hope to see you again soon..never know I might get married one day and the party will be at the OPH...any excuse for a party in a great place!


Dear Manager & Staff,

Wishing to thank you all for your excellent service for my 80th birthday!

I can only say the food was excellent, service excellent, pleasant and friendly staff.

Mrs Jean D

I just want to say "Thank you" to your chef and staff on an enjoyable meal at our function last Saturday night.

Words are not sufficient to say how satisfied we all were on the night. Thank you.

Angie B

I just want to say on behalf of my family, thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful function! The food, drinks, service, and venue were all spoken highly of by the guests.

Domonique B

I would like to thank you and your staff again for all your help on Saturday evening. We had a great time and you were all so wonderful and the food was awesome. Everyone at the party raved about your hospitality and venue.

Andrea H