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Jam Sessions of talented musos is happening every Tuesday night in the SLounge - everyone's invited to join in - bring your musical instrument or your voice and join in!

The OPH has suspended live entertainment during this COVID period.


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Gold Coast v Western Bulldogs5:40 PMThursday, 23 Jul 20

Gws v Richmond5:50 PMFriday, 24 Jul 20
North Melbourne v Carlton11:05 AMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Sydney Swans v Hawthorn1:35 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Port Adelaide v St Kilda5:10 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Adelaide v Essendon10:35 AMSunday, 26 Jul 20
West Coast v Collingwood1:35 PMSunday, 26 Jul 20
Melbourne v Brisbane4:10 PMSunday, 26 Jul 20
Fremantle v Geelong6:10 PMMonday, 27 Jul 20


Cowboys v Rabbitohs
Eels v Tigers5:50 PMThursday, 23 Jul 20
Cowboys v Sea Eagles4:00 PMFriday, 24 Jul 20
Broncos v Storm5:55 PMFriday, 24 Jul 20
Warriors v Roosters1:00 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Sharks v Dragons3:30 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Raiders v Rabbitohs5:35 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Knights v Bulldogs12:00 PMSunday, 26 Jul 20
Titans v Panthers2:05 PMSunday, 26 Jul 20
Dragons v Rabbitohs5:50 PMThursday, 30 Jul 20
Tigers v Warriors4:00 PM
Friday, 31 Jul 20
Broncos v Sharks5:55 PMFriday, 31 Jul 20
Roosters v Titans1:00 PMSaturday, 01 Aug 20
Cowboys v Raiders3:30 PMSaturday, 01 Aug 20
Sea Eagles v Panthers5:35 PMSaturday, 01 Aug 20
Bulldogs v Eels12:00 PMSunday, 02 Aug 20
Storm v Knights2:05 PMSunday, 02 Aug 20
Dragons v Roosters5:50 PMThursday, 06 Aug 20
Sea Eagles v Warriors4:00 PMFriday, 07 Aug 20
Rabbitohs v Broncos5:55 PMFriday, 07 Aug 20
Storm v Bulldogs1:00 PMSaturday, 08 Aug 20
Knights v Tigers3:30 PMSaturday, 08 Aug 20
Panthers v Raiders5:35 PMSaturday, 08 Aug 20
Titans v Cowboys12:00 PMSunday, 09 Aug 20
Sharks v Eels2:05 PMSunday, 09 Aug 20
Roosters v Storm5:50 PMThursday, 13 Aug 20
Warriors v Panthers4:00 PMFriday, 14 Aug 20
Eels v Dragons5:55 PMFriday, 14 Aug 20
Sharks v Titans1:00 PMSaturday, 15 Aug 20
Cowboys v Rabbitohs3:30 PMSaturday, 15 Aug 20
Raiders v Broncos5:35 PMSaturday, 15 Aug 20
West Tigers v Bulldogs2:05 PMSunday, 16 Aug 20
Knights v Sea Eagles4:30 PMSunday, 16 Aug 20
Eels v Storm5:50 PMThursday, 20 Aug 20
Panthers v Sharks4:00 PMFriday, 21 Aug 20
Broncos v Dragons5:55 PMFriday, 21 Aug 20


Saturday, 25 Jul 20
Rebels v Waratahs5:00 PMFriday, 24 Jul 20
Crusaders v Hurricanes3:00 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Force v Brumbies5:15 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Blues v Chiefs11:35 AMSunday, 26 Jul 20
Force v Rebels5:00 PMFriday, 31 Jul 20
Chiefs v Crusaders3:00 PMSaturday, 01 Aug 20
Brumbies v Reds5:15 PMSaturday, 01 Aug 20
Highlanders v Blues11:35 AMSunday, 02 Aug 20
Rebels v Brumbies5:00 PMFriday, 07 Aug 20
Hurricanes v Cheifs3:00 PMSaturday, 08 Aug 20
Waratahs v Reds5:15 PMSaturday, 08 Aug 20
Crusaders v Highlanders11:35 AMSunday, 09 Aug 20
Force v Waratahs5:00 PMFriday, 14 Aug 20
Highlanders v Hurricanes3:05 PMSaturday, 15 Aug 20
Reds v Rebels5:15 PMSaturday, 15 Aug 20
Blues v Crusaders11:35 AMSunday, 16 Aug 20
Force v Reds5:05 PMFriday, 21 Aug 20




Central Coast v Newcastle5:30 PMFriday, 24 Jul 20
Wellington v Adelaide3:00 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Melbourne victory v Western United5:35 PMSaturday, 25 Jul 20
Central Coast v Western Sydney5:30 PMMonday, 27 Jul 20
Melbourne victory v Brisbane5:30 PMWednesday, 29 Jul 20
Adelaide v Perth Glory5:30 PMThursday, 30 Jul 20
Western Sydney v Wellington5:30 PMFriday, 31 Jul 20
Melbourne City v Sydney FC3:00 PMSaturday, 01 Aug 20
Newcastle v Western United5:30 PMSunday, 02 Aug 20
Melbourne victory v Central Coast5:30 PMMonday, 03 Aug 20
Western Sydney v Perth Glory5:30 PMTuesday, 04 Aug 20
Wellington v Brisbane4:00 PMWednesday, 05 Aug 20
Adelaide v Sydney FC5:30 PMThursday, 06 Aug 20
Western United v Western Sydney5:30 PMFriday, 07 Aug 20
Perth Glory v Melbourne victory3:00 PMSaturday, 08 Aug 20
Brisbane v Sydney5:30 PMMonday, 10 Aug 20
Melbourne City v Adelaide5:30 PMTuesday, 11 Aug 20
Perth Glory v Western United3:30 PMWednesday, 12 Aug 20
Western Sydney v Melbourne victory6:00 PMWednesday, 12 Aug 20
Newcastle v Wellington5:30 PMThursday, 13 Aug 20
Sydney v Western Utd3:00 PMSaturday, 15 Aug 20
Western Utd v Melbourne City5:30 PMWednesday, 19 Aug 20





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